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  • Pea soup

    Hot or warm, alone or accompanied by croutons, the cream of peas is the dish ideal to serve in the fresher springtime days. You can taste it plain or with a touch of creativity: the possible matches a

  • Ramekins with eggs, mushrooms and zucchini

    Cocottine are small pans inspired by the French cocotte. This type of cooking allows keeping a constant temperature and an even diffusion of the heat that enhances the flavor of the eggs, of the mushr

  • Saffron, zucchini and bacon sauce

    The color of the saffron, the smoky flavor of the speck and the freshness of the zucchini mix in a sauce that is a sight for sore eyes and a treat for taste buds. Try it with short-shaped pasta, for a

  • Quick fish soup

    Fortunately, seafood is not a prerogative of summer. In this quick soup, you’ll find shrimps, baby cuttlefish, scorpion fish, gurnard and small calamari. What’s missing? A thick slice of toasted bread

  • Sweet and sour zucchini with pine nuts, mint and dried tomatoes

    A second course quick to prepare, perfect to be stored in the fridge and served lukewarm: the merit goes also to the combination of sugar and vinegar that, besides giving it that pleasant sweet and so

  • Pumpkin soup

    A blatantly autumn dish, in form and ingredients. The unusual match between pumpkin and chestnuts is actually typical of the French cuisine. The crunchy bacon offsets the sweetness of the basic ingred

  • Shrimp and zucchini blossoms tempura

    Japanese tradition and Italian cuisine combine in the tempura, the dry coating with Japanese origins. This interpretation enriches both gastronomic cultures; the prawns discover an unusual match, whil

  • Soft-boiled eggs with pea soup

    An easy and quick recipe, where the only thing that really matters to make a successful dish is to use super fresh eggs. The addition of the cream of peas makes it a complete, tasty and energetic dish

  • Zucchini and fried chicken skewers

    Deep frying and skewers are among the most fanciful things in a kitchen. This recipe combines them both, and it does it in a healthy way: with a light breadcrumb crust that combines the crunchy chicke

  • Orange and rosemary veal shank

    A rich, flavorsome second course, where the tasty meat of the veal shank is refined by the fresh fragrance of the orange. Try it on a winter lunch; its persistent smell makes your mouth water right fr

  • Tuna steak with thyme, pumpkin and sunflower seeds

    A dish dedicated to those who, in the kitchen, love to work with quality ingredients and is always looking for recipes that enhance them without covering their flavor. In this recipe, tuna remains the

  • Pork skewers with guacamolepork skewers with guacamole

    Guacamole is a very ancient sauce mainly made of lime and avocado. The roots of this tradition date back to the Aztec culture. Its strong point is its versatility, which allows you to match it also wi

  • Lime and pineapple prawn skewers with avocado salsa

    King prawns, pineapple and a light sauce made of Greek yoghurt and avocado: a tropical marriage that takes your senses to a Caribbean beach. The ideal recipe to brilliantly serve an aperitif or a seco

  • Boscaiola sauce

    A bouquet of autumn scents, from the bush directly to the dish, with ceps, parsley, thyme, and sausage. The strong flavor of the Boscaiola sauce, better if tasted accompanied by a glass of good wine,

  • Eggplant and zucchini sauce

    The secret to make good pasta, besides cooking it “al dente”, is a sauce that is worth its name. This zucchini and aubergine sauce, with its rustic and homemade taste, is one of them. The ideal soluti

  • Grilled squid with citrus caper dressing

    Cuttlefish is a valid alternative to meat on the grill, especially in summer. Why not give them a little zest with a fresh citrus sauce?

  • Mushroom risotto

    The mushroom risotto is a fundamental dish of the Italian cuisine and a great classic of the winter season. Even the more traditionalists will appreciate this interpretation, where the taste of the ch

  • Mashed thyme broccoli and cauliflower

    If it is true that not everybody likes broccoli and cauliflowers, try to put them on the table disguised as a delicate puree: a drizzle of EVO and this delicacy is ready to conquer everybody, even the

  • Vegetable ratatouille

    Ratatouille is a side dish of the French tradition, very similar to the Italian Caponata. Its flavor, enriched by many vegetables and by stewing, makes it the perfect accompaniment of a large variety

  • Olive and orange chicken

    The very name of this recipe evokes a gourmet refinement, and its taste never betrays the first impression. It is a perfect second course for an important dinner, especially if you want to get value f

  • Ginger seafood meatballs

    In this preparation based on king prawns (mazzancolle) and sea bass, the freshness of the sea is revived by the pungent flavor of ginger, an ancient spice that is having a new youth in many contempora

  • Coffee and cardamom panna cotta

    When we talk of custards, the first that comes to our minds is pannacotta, a pudding born in Piedmont, but that is now worldwide famous. This does not mean that it can no longer amaze: one teaspoon of

  • Swordfish in almond crust

    The crumbed almonds enclose the swordfish in a crunchy shell without covering its flavor. This recipe offers an interesting alternative to the usual grill cooking, with which, however, shares its simp

  • Omelette with asparagus, prague ham and cheese

    The omelet is one of the most famous recipes of the French tradition. Unlike our “frittata”, our neighbors add the stuffing after cooking, paying attention to the mixture that must be slightly runny.

  • Fennel sea bream

    The sea bream is a light and fragrant fish. The fact that it is the protagonist of many diets must not make us believe that it is not tasty. Try to enhance its aroma with some orange peel and a few fe

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