Terms and Conditions for user generated content

To share your photos of your Whirlpool products with us using our social media, please read the T&Cs and the simple instructions below. By tagging us in your photo and responding “yes” when we comment on it, you indicate your acceptance of these T&Cs.

How we use your photos

By posting your photo and replying “yes” to our comment you agree to allow Whirlpool Appliance Ltd to use, free of charge, your photograph, name, social media handle, likeness and other content you have tagged with @Whirlpool.co.uk or any hashtags that relate to these or our other brands, for any marketing, advertising and promotional purposes. This includes use on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and on our brand websites.

You agree that the photo is your own work and that we may use, reproduce, distribute, alter and/ or edit your content in any manner we see fit.

We can only see and repost your pictures if your social media account is public. If your images are published, your social media handle and your profile photo will be shown on our page, and visitors will be able to view the content you sent to us and your account profile.

We will process any personal data that you share with us in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

We may choose to remove your post from our site at any time. If we receive complaints against your posts, we may refuse any further posts from you. If you want us to remove your photos from our pages, please contact us at gcg-socialmedia@whirlpool.com or send a direct message to our social media account.

Content rules

You must be over 18 and must only submit photos that you have taken yourself and contain only your own work. We can’t use any photos that contain confidential information, such as your home address or contact numbers, or images of children below the age of 18.

We moderate all photos submitted to us and select some of these to appear on our social media. As part of the moderation we will consider whether your photo meets the Content Standards below. We choose content for our channels at our absolute discretion and cannot guarantee that your photos will be chosen even though they meet the standards. If we think your submission doesn’t meet the Content Standards, however, we definitely won’t be able to accept it.

To meet the Content Standards, your photo and any additional content in the post must not :

  1. Infringe any other person’s copyright or other intellectual property rights
  2. Be obscene
  3. Defame, threaten or harass any person
  4. Contain advertising or links to other sites
  5. Promote any unlawful, violent or dangerous activity
  6. Promote discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or age
  7. Contain confidential information (yours or another person’s)
  8. Contain another person’s personal data
  9. Contain material that could harm, worry or embarrass another person
  10. Contain inaccurate information about the product
  11. Break the rules of the social media platform

How to submit a photo

Upload a photo to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tag us by adding @Whirlpool.co.uk or #MyWhirlpoolWorld.

We’ll comment on your post asking for your consent to share your photo, and if you reply with #WhirlpoolYes, your photo will be sent to our moderator for approval. By first tagging us then posting #WhirlpoolYes, you agree to us reposting your photo under these terms and conditions.

Images that meet our Content Standards may then be published on any of our social media channels and on our brand websites at our discretion.