Introducing FreshCare+

Keep laundry fresh, even hours after the cycle has finished.


A new dimension of freshness

Delicate steam and tumbling action takes care of your laundry inside the washing machine. FreshCare+ uses a series of precise and variable drum movements alternated with steam jets at regular intervals to circulate the air in the drum, creating the perfect level of humidity to keep your garments fresh.

FreshCare+ can be selected when setting the washing parameters or during the wash cycle, allowing you to stop it when you’re ready to unload.

Awarded the Allergy UK seal of approval, FreshCare+ is proven to alleviate 99.9% of major allergens including dust mites, pollen and pet dander.

* Not compatible with programmes designed for delicate garments and duvets.

6TH SENSE Technology

6TH SENSE intuitive sensors adapt resources according to the size and type of load, guaranteeing optimal performance as well as saving energy, water and time.

Ultimate Technologies

  • Tailored care for any fabric

    With the new Soft Move System, the drum performs a series of movements adaptable to every fabric type. By using different drum movements for each phase of the wash cycle – from initial water intake to final spin – garments’ colours and shapes are taken care of, ensuring impeccable results.

  • Perfect clean at 15°C instead of 40°C*

    The perfect washing cycle to retain original beauty and colour, working at 15°c it guarantees the same performance as a 40°c cycle. SoftMove and customised drum movements mean clothes move loosely inside the drum to absorb detergent better for a more effective wash even at the lowest temperatures.

    * Compared to mixed cycle (40°C/59’) with half load.

  • Adapts cleaning power according to your needs

    Clean+ customises the wash cycle according to the level of soiling. Select from three dirt levels to perfect wash and refresh all garments. Choose from: Intensive, Daily and Fast.

  • Advanced motor for long lasting performance

    Long-lasting, extremely quiet and advanced, Whirlpool’s electric motor is at the heart of the machine to ensure the extended, excellent performance of your washer. The SenseInverter motor provides energy efficiency with a 30% saving compared with A+++ performance machines.

Designed for comfort and eye-catching appeal

FreshCare+ provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface which simplifies user interaction and delivers a pleasant washing experience to everyone. With a wide door, porthole and integrated ergonomic handle, it’s designed for ease and every day use.

FreshCare+ range

  • FWG 71484W

    RRP: £349
    • Washing Capacity: 7 kg
    • Spin Speed: 1400 rpm
    • Energy Efficiency: A+++ -10%
  • FWG 81496W

    RRP: £379
    • Washing Capacity: 8 kg
    • Spin Speed: 1400 rpm
    • Energy Efficiency: A+++ -30%
  • FWD 91496W

    RRP: £399
    • Washing Capacity: 9 kg
    • Spin Speed: 1400 rpm
    • Energy Efficiency: A+++ -30%

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