New i100 induction hob with CleanProtectTM

New i100 induction hob with CleanProtectTM

The easiest to clean* hob using just water.

*Compared to Whirlpool's uncoated induction hobs.

Wipe away the stress of cleaning

Get everything clean with just a spray of water and with no stress.
Keep a shiny finish over time without the need of aggressive tools or detergents!

Protect the hob, 
protect the planet

Protect the hob, 
protect the planet

Not only is cleaning effortless, you can save up to 6* bottles of hob degreaser by switching to CleanProtect.
*Saving calculated in a period of 1 year, considering 11.4 ml of generic degreaser (equivalent to 6 sprays) used 8 times a week; bottle capacity 750 ml.

Intuitive cooking

Cooking has never been more intuitive than with 6TH SENSE Technology. With four pre-set functions to choose from, there's no need to worry about selecting the right heat setting. Simply select the programme that suits your needs - whether it's keep warm, melting, simmering or boiling - and the hob will automatically adjust to the appropriate power level to achieve your desired cooking method. Trust the power of 6TH SENSE Technology to make your cooking experience effortless and stress-free.

Keep Warm
  • Keep Warm

    Prevents dishes from burning by keeping them at the ideal temperature.

  • Melting

    Easily melt chocolate or butter without a bain marie

  • Simmering

    Slow cooking is made easy with the simmering function, which prevents burning and keeps food tender by ensuring liquids evaporate slowly.

  • Boiling

    Boil water and keep it boiling. The boiling function keeps everything under control, it efficiently heats water preventing spills and energy wastage.

Merge the cooking zones according to your needs

  • FlexiSide

    Experience the freedom of cooking with four versatile cooking zones that offer maximum space and flexibility.

  • ChefControl

    The hob has three heat zones that are activated depending on where the pan is placed, choose from high for frying, medium for simmering and low for keeping cooked food warm. Pans can easily be moved from one area to another, allowing dishes to cook at different temperatures. This is done by sliding the pan along the surface.