Why register your appliance?

Find out more about why registering your appliances is important.

  1. Product Updates - Allows us to contact you in the event of an important product or safety update
  2. Better Customer Service - Allows us to provide a better service for you in future by knowing which products you own
  3. Getting The Most From Your Appliance - Should you choose to receive communications from us, this allows us to send helpful tips and hints about getting the most from your appliance
AMDEA - The Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances

Large Appliances

Your Whirlpool large appliance is covered for the first 2 years by our own parts and labour guarantee.

Register your large appliance and we'll provide you with free parts for the first 10 years, providing they are fitted by our highly qualified engineers. Call 0800 952 1062 to register your appliance.


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