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What Drum capacity best meets your needs?
  • 7 Kg
    Standard load capacity, perfect for 2 person households.
  • 8 Kg
    Increased load capacity, perfect for a small family.
  • 9 Kg
    Increased load capacity, perfect for a medium family.
  • 10 Kg
    Increased load capacity, perfect for a large family.
  • > 10 Kg
    Large capacity machines, perfect for large families.
What installation type best meets your needs?
  • Built-in
    Built-in appliances are designed to fit inside cupboards or other units. If you're looking for seamless integration with your existing cabinetry, a built-in solution may be right for you.
  • Freestanding
    Freestanding appliances are designed with flexibility in mind. They are easy to install, and do not require existing cupboards or other units to be placed inside of.
Which Energy Class best meets your needs?
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • FreshCare+
    Keep your laundry fresh after the cycle is over. Innovative FreshCare+ system takes care of your garments inside the washing machine with delicate steaming and tumbling action.
  • 6TH SENSE Technology
    Intuitive 6TH SENSE technology adapts the parameters for each specific load, ensuring ideal care for your fabrics.
  • Zen Technology
    ZENTechnology ensures less noise and vibrations, and more peace and quiet thank to the high-performance motor that directly rotates the drum.
  • Steam Refresh
    This special cycle takes just 20 minutes and refreshes laundry removing unpleasant smells, relaxing fibres and smoothing creases.
  • Steam Hygiene
    This cycle option removes up to 99.9% of the most common bacteria.
  • AutoDose
    Up to 26* perfect washes without refilling. AutoDose dispenses just the needed amount of detergent and softener, allowing for a more efficient and effective cleaning. * Compared to reco dosage of most sold (concentrated) liquid detergents.
  • A-30%
    Reduce the amount of energy needed for your laundry