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What type of cooling appliance are you interested in?
  • Under counter
    Under counter models are flexible, compact, and offer the ideal solution if you have limited space available.
  • Tall
    This refrigerator is a tall freestanding unit
  • Fridge with freezer box
    A tall fridge, with a freezer box.
  • Fridge Freezer
    Whirlpool combi fridge-freezers provide more space for your frozen items than traditional freezers.
  • Side-by-side
    Side-by-side appliances provide extra storage space and easier access, with both refrigerator and freezer on the same level.
What installation type best meets your needs?
  • Built-in
    Built-in appliances are designed to fit inside cupboards or other units. If you're looking for seamless integration with your existing cabinetry, a built-in solution may be right for you.
  • Freestanding
    Freestanding appliances are designed with flexibility in mind. They are easy to install, and do not require existing cupboards or other units to be placed inside of.
Which Energy Class best meets your needs?
  • E
  • F
What colour would you like your appliance to be?
  • White
  • Inox
  • Others
What appliance height best suits your needs?
  • Less than 90 cm
  • From 140 to 180 cm
  • More than 180 cm
What appliance width best suits your needs?
  • Less than 60 cm
  • More than 70 cm
  • 6TH SENSE FreshControl
    6TH Sense FreshControl monitors humidity levels inside your fridge freezer to maintain the ideal conditions, so food stays fresh for longer.
  • NoFrost
    Never defrost the freezer again. NoFrost technology reduces the humidity inside the freezer, preventing ice build-up.
  • Alarms
    Our appliances feature a variety of convenient alerts that inform you if there is an issue that may require your attention.
  • StopFrost
    The StopFrost device collects frost efficiently so your freezer is quickly and evenly defrosted and easy to clean.
  • Special Temperature Compartment
    The Special Temperature Compartment provides ideal storage conditions for your food.
  • Space Management
    The innovative design provides space management and flexibility to comfort the storage space of all your food and drink.
  • Zen Inverter Technology
    Enjoy the calm in your kitchen with the Zen Invertmer Motor.
  • 6TH SENSE Technology
    6TH SENSE Technology monitors humidity levels to maintain the ideal conditions for your food.
  • Multifreshbox
    Multi temperature drawer with 3 settings. A space for even the most delicate food.