Carbon filter - Type 28

Code: CHF28/1- 484000008576

The Wpro washable carbon hood filter absorbs grease and moisture while cooking, preventing unpleasant odours in the kitchen. With its absorbent action it protects against the spread of bacteria in the air. The Wpro carbon filter has a saturation indicator that changes colour when the filter must be replaced. For optimum performance, we recommend to replace the filter every 3 months. The Wpro carbon filter with normal hood use should be cleaned once a month. The filter is best washed in the dishwasher at the highest temperature possible, using a normal dishwasher detergent. After washing, dry the filter in the oven at 100°C for 10 minutes to reactivate it. Caution: do not exceed the indicated temperature and drying time in the oven. The filter will retain its odour absorbing capacity for three years. Type 28 (∅ 240 x 32 mm - 440 g)

Washable and reusable
Self extinguishing

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