Discover the N°1
in cleaning and drying
in just one hour.*

follow your 6th sense

Ultimate spotless drying.

Even plastic items. 

No prewash.
28 Powerful jet sprays.

Discover the innovation
that revolutionises dishwashing.

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The N°1 in washing,
taking the best care
of all fabrics, for
long lasting beauty.*

follow your 6th sense

Newly sculptured drum
for gentle washing.

Keeps colours
bright longer.

The N°1 in drying,
and taking the best care
of all fabrics, even wool.*

Softest drying results.
Wide opening drum.

Discover the innovation
that takes the best care of all fabrics.

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Being a Chef
has never been
so easy.

follow your 6th sense

Intelligent 6THSENSE weight sensor sets the best parameters for delicious cooking results in record time.

Deliciously crisp
defrosted bread
as if it had just been
freshly made.

Discover a superior microwave
cooking experience.

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The N°1 in preserving your food,
for freshness up to 4 times longer.*

follow your 6th sense

Dedicated compartment
ideal for fresh meat and fish.

FrostFree Technology.
No need to defrost.

Discover the N°1
in food preservation.*

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  • 6th SENSE PowerDry Dishwasher ADG 2020 FD

    £658.90 VAT inc.

  • 6th SENSE PowerDry Dishwasher ADP 900 IX

    £658.90 VAT inc.

  • 6th SENSE with PowerClean 6-litre Dishwasher ADG 8900

    £548.90 VAT inc.

  • 6th SENSE with PowerClean Dishwasher ADP 500 WH

    £273.90 VAT inc.

  • 9kg 6th SENSE Washing Machine WWDC 9440

    £306.90 VAT inc.

  • 6th SENSE 8kg Tumble Dryer AZB 8570

    £346.49 VAT inc.

  • Multifunction 56-litre Single Oven, Stainless Steel AKP 214/IX

    £196.87 VAT inc.

  • 4 Burner Gas Hob in Stainless Steel AKR 311/IX

    £125.38 VAT inc.

  • Multi-function Single Oven in Stainless Steel AKP 217/IX

    £217.78 VAT inc.

  • 70cm Width Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer with LED display WBA4328 NFTS

    £744.70 VAT inc.

  • Fridge Freezer with 6th SENSE Fresh Control - H: 1.88m x W:0.70m WTV45952 NFC IX

    £834.90 VAT inc.

  • 70:30 Eco-range Fridge Freezer with advanced sensor technology WBA33992 NFC IX

    £788.70 VAT inc.

  • Built-in 70:30 Frost Free Fridge Freezer with LED Display ART 871/A+/NF

    £517.00 VAT inc.

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