Apple strudel

    • 250 g puff pastry (frozen)
    • 300 g cooking apples
    • 50 g sultanas
    • Grated zest of one orange
    • 50 g marmalade
    • Butter for the crisp® plate
    • Milk for brushing

1. After defrosting the puff pastry, roll out with a rolling pin to create a rectangle (30x25 cm).
2. Soak the sultanas in warm water, then peel and slice the apples.
3. Lay the apples at the centre of the pastry along its entire length. Drain and dry the sultanas, spreading them evenly over the apples then add the orange zest and marmalade.
4. Fold the pastry in half and pinch the ends to seal in the ingredients.
5. Slide the strudel onto the greased crisp® plate and brush the top with a little milk. Cook using the crisp® function for 10-12 minutes.

Cooking time :

10-12 minutes


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