Steamed pears

    • 6 Williams pears
    • 1 glass of red wine
    • 1 glass of white wine
    • Zest of 1 grated lemon
    • 25 g icing sugar

1. Peel the pears but save some for decoration.
2. Lay the pears on the steam grid (insert). Sprinkle the icing sugar and lemon peel over the pears then add both glasses of wine.
3. Cover and cook in the microwave for just 6-10 minutes. Note: the steam cooking time will vary, depending on how ripe the pears are.
4. Place the pears on a serving plate and spoon over some of the wine sauce.
5. Dust with more icing sugar to taste and garnish with the peel for decoration.

Cooking time :

6-10 minutes


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