Being a chef has never
been so easy.

Being a chef has never
been so easy.

cooking time


No need to
turn the food

to use

Delicious cooking results
in record time.

If you like to eat great, nutritious food but you also want to save time on cooking and cleaning, the Jet Cuisine microwave oven is the perfect solution. Thanks to Whirlpool’s microwave cooking technology, cooking time is reduced, heat penetrates your food more deeply and evenly, and its nutritional values are better preserved.

Intelligent 6TH SENSE technology
fore perfect results.

Jet Cuisine's 6TH SENSE technology sets the correct cooking option for the best results, leaving you to relax and enjoy your meal.

Detects the weight: just select the food class and Jet Cuisine will do the rest, its smart sensor will automatically weigh your food.

Automatic selection: once the weight is measured, Jet Cuisine automatically sets the the right time and cooking parameters for the best results every time.

Deliciously crisp
defrosted bread.

You can enjoy rapidly defrosted bread that is as crunchy and delicious as if it had just been freshly made. Combining the speed of the Jet Defrost function with Whirlpool’s exclusive CrispTM technology, Bread Defrost lets you savour the sensation of tasty warm bread whenever you want it.

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