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  • Involtini fantasia (fancy rolls)

    The ideal finger food to accompany an aperitif and stimulate your appetite. A crunchy puff pastry encloses a filling of your choice: a guarantee, when you want to start a meal with an extra oomph.

  • Jacket potato

    An easy and inexpensive side dish that can accompany many second courses. To give it that extra zest, you can season the potatoes with a little butter, as they usually do in the US.

  • Pork with onions and peppers

    A rich, robust second course, with a strong flavor. The mouthwatering flavor of the pork and the choice of one of its premium cuts will satisfy all meat lovers.

  • Onion soup

    A tasty and well-balanced first course, perfect to warm up in winter. A classic of the French cuisine that is very popular in Italy as well.

  • Couscous with vegetables

    What happens when fresh vegetables meet an ingredient with a millenary tradition? Simple, they make a great dish: fragrant, nourishing, Mediterranean, to taste both hot and cold, depending on the seas

  • Oatmeal cookies

    Perfect both for breakfast and for an afternoon tea, the oatmeal cookies strike with their taste and lightness. Easy to make, they are a treat for everybody.

  • Ratatouille of vegetables

    A side dish of vegetables that has its origins in the Provençale cuisine. Its onomatopoeic name comes from the French “touiller”, which means mixing the vegetables. The ratatouille is a festival of fr

  • Tomato soup

    An exceptional dish that bewitches with its rich and intense flavor, notwithstanding its simple preparation. A truly successful recipe for those who love the flavors of times gone by.

  • Stuffed peppers

    A red or green treasure chest (depending on the pepper) that conceals a core of beef: stuffed peppers are a mouthwatering, filling and well-balanced recipe that can be accompanied with rice to make a

  • Salmon fillet with asparagus

    A millenary recipe for a classic match. Salmon is a very tasty fish that marries perfectly with both the sweetness of green asparagus and the delicacy of white asparagus.

  • Pizza

    A dish for kitchen daredevils: making a pizza at home is not an exercise for everybody, but it is a recipe that can give great satisfaction. Also because, once ready, everyone can garnish it at leisur

  • Pizzette (tiny pizzas)

    A fanciful recipe that pleases everybody: who doesn’t like pizza? Ideal for a break or for an aperitifs, the pizzette are ready in no time. Garnish at leisure!

  • Mushroom and saffron risotto

    Why should you choose between a mushroom risotto and a saffron risotto? The flavor of these two great classic dishes can be easily combined in a recipe born to satisfy the most refined palates.

  • Oven baked fish fillet

    A light and delicate second course, perfect in summer. The tenderness of the fish perfectly marries the crunchy, golden potatoes: a triumph of flavors that seem to be born to be together.

  • Mushroom cream

    What’s better than a velvety cream to warm up in winter? The delicacy of the cream is enhanced by the intense flavor of the mushrooms to create a first course that is a sure hit.

  • Spinach and ricotta pie

    Simple, delicious, classic: the savory pie par excellence. Excellent as a starter and as a second course, it is very good also cold.

  • Ravioli in a cream and tomato sauce

    A basic dish capable to satisfy the most demanding palates. The sauce obtained from the combination of the cream with the tomato purée is also called “Sugo Rosa” and makes a perfect marriage with man

  • Roast beef

    A typical second course of Anglo-Saxon origins, roast beef, as its name says, is a roast of beef cooked rare in the oven or on the flame. It is served both warm and cold, cut into thin slices and flav

  • Pumpkin cream

    The autumn recipe par excellence. The pumpkin cream is a first course that strikes with its sweetness and delicacy, to enhance with a sprinkle of freshly ground pepper or other spices.

  • Steamed pears

    Looking for an unusual sweet? Steamed Chinese pears are a tasty dish easy to prepare, which lets you add an ethnic note at the end of each meal.

  • Apple strudel

    Strudel is a typical sweet from Trentino Alto Adige, although the recipe originates from Turkey. In Trentino Alto Adige, it was successful also thanks to the extensive number of apple orchards, an ing

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