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Summer Essentials
for Your Whole Home

Get up to 30% off on our kitchen and home accessories range throughout the summer*

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*Offer valid until September 21st 2015

Install, enhance your appliance.

Discover our range of accessories: from smart installation tools to outstanding maintenance solutions to help you enjoy your Whirlpool product

Deodorize, clean and purify.

POWER FRESH tablets effortlessly remove laundry detergent and fabric softener residues from your washing machine, preventing unpleasant odours and protecting your appliance's performance, over time.

The best accessories

for care & maintenance, whatever your appliance.

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Smart solutions for the best possible installation

The best accessories to increase space, improve ergonomics and guarantee safety.

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To get the very best performance from your appliances.

The best accessories to reduce energy consumption and enhance your appliance.

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Ensuring the care and protection of your appliances.

The best accessories to ensure appliance protection over time and durability.

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